Metal Cambra was born in 2008, after the experience in different bands of the group members, with instrumental character and with vocation of transcend the “Celtic rock” simple tag to fuse the rock and the folk in all their spectrum, but without closing to any musical influence. So he decided to join musicians with diverse musical experience and influences, but sharing the same target.

After only three months of essays, the group autoedited and free distributed its first demo Eire Overture to verify the reception in part of the public, and it worked so well that at the end of the year 2009 Metal Cambra was bringing in the study to record its first album, Suite. Soon it was clear that Metal Cambra was not a violin soloist accompanied by a group of rock, but slightly more intricate and complex and simultaneously more forceful and compact, an innovative but coherent proposal. Thanks to Suite Metal Cambra was selected by the Injuve as finalist of the contest Creation Young 2010 summoned by the Department of Equality. This moment meant the jump of the provincial ambience to the state one, and in 2011 thanks to the interest of the AECID and the embassies of Denmark and Israel, Metal Cambra made a tour out of Sapin for the first time.

Since then the group has not stopped growing, editing new musical material (Concertual, in 2011 and Veles e Vents, in 2014) and playing in festivals like the FolkSegovia, the International Festival of the Saw (Badajoz), the Circle of Fine arts during the Night in Target of 2010 (Madrid), the Folkomillas (Cantabria) Poborina Folk (Teruel) or the InterCeltic Festival of Lausanne (Switzerland), only some of the most prestigious.

Last work is Veles e Vents (2014), perhaps the most influenced folk Metal Cambra's album, which is a trip by the musical traditions of the Atlantic Europe and different Mediterranean regions, from a proper rock treatment.

In 2015 Metal Cambra participated in the Teatro Principal of Castellon, with full house, in the annual celebration of traditional music and is currently working on the composition of new album based on the forgotten music of the País Valencià, incorporated into the draft new perspectives that provide voice and dance.